Our ambition is to create Sub-Saharan African school leavers who are educated, aspirational, resilient and have relevant skills to thrive in the workplace of the 21st century.

Our Approach

Education Philosophy and Approach

Since our first schools opened in 2013, AEI has carefully developed an education model which employs global best practice in teaching and learning within an African context.

The standards of literacy and numeracy remain too low across Sub-Saharan Africa, even among more fortunate students. We firmly believe that our schools must get these ‘fundamentals’ right first.

We differentiate our offering through our teaching techniques; the use of technology to provide personalised and adaptive teaching; and an emphasis in the curriculum and daily life of the school, of the real-life importance of good numeracy and literacy.

Our schools also have a strong emphasis on the sciences. Studies show that too few African students are choosing these subjects as they progress through their education, especially when compared with other regions of the world. We make science relevant and fun from a very early age in our schools. We also teach the fundamentals of technology (IT, programming, computing skills) and seek to incorporate aspects of engineering and problem-solving through project-based learning, often in conjunction with local business.

Of course, AEI students must also develop a strong social conscience, be accountable, resilient and have an appreciation of the world around them. These characteristics, amongst others, are embedded within our academic curriculum.

Our Approach

Investment Approach

In 2012, we were fortunate to secure a significant level of funding to develop our Educore Schools. Today, we have a track record of financial forecasting and deploying capital in a developing economy. We now understand much of what works and where the greatest operational challenges and investment risks lie. Therefore, AEI is actively seeking both new build opportunities and school acquisitions within the region.

We have strict criteria for investment in new build projects, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the build cost and proposed tuition fee levels. We also carefully research and model the time frame to achieve student capacity utilisation in any school, in order to achieve the right return on investment.

When considering acquisitions, the track record of student enrolment, the asset quality of the school, the quality of existing staff, the school’s reputation and financial profitability (or otherwise), and the potential to increase tuition fees, are important factors.